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 Live Food - White Worms

Live Food

Culturing White Worms

(Scientific Name - (Enchytraeus albidus)

What you need

Title - What You Need

Cool Place like a basement


Wine Refrigerator

A Scratch and Dent Fridge will do fine - After all its for Worms

(Not Standard Refrigerator – to cold for Worms)

A Wine Refrigerator with Door Open

60 Degrees Fahrenheit

At higher temperatures worms stop reproducing !!!

60 Degrees Farenhieght

Shoe Box sized Plastic Container with Lid Preferably at least 2 of them.

White Worm Container

Bread soaked in milk or

Moistened dog kibbles

After using both bread and kibbles, Dog kibbles are my preference

Dog kibbles are easy to potion for the size of your culture thus preventing mold.

Moist Dog Kibbles to feed White Worms

Bedding –

Commercial Worm Bedding


Mixture of Peat Moss with no Chemicals and top Soil

Commercial Worm Bedding

Starter Culture –

Search Internet

Local Aquarist Societies

Aquarist Swap Meets

White Worms Starter Culture

Place Culture food under glass or Plastic

Enough food to be consumed in a few days – Too much food will mold.

White Worms under Glass

Putting it together
Title - Putting it together

Media should be kept moist not Wet.

A Plant Mister may be useful

Plant Mister

Feeding Worms

Observe consumption of food

Remove any molding Food

Feeding White Worms

Speed on Reproduction

Given the right conditions – starts slowly but speeds up as there are more Worms to Reproduce

Repoduction of Worms is very Tempature senseative .  The Old Timer has found that 60 Degrees Farenhieght  is optimal.

60 Degrees Farenhieght

Multiple Cultures in case of culture crash

White Worms redundant Cultures


Treat for Fish

Varied Diet

Conditioning for Spawning

Title - Purposes of using White Worms

Worm Feeder for Top and Mid-Water Feeders

Worm Feeding Ring

Good for fish that seek food at bottom of tank.

Live in water column for a while.

Size of Worms – for medium to larger tropical fish.

Do not over feed worms to your fish

Danger of polluting tank

fat Content (can be hard on the fish's liver)

Good for



Some Killies

Some Cichlids

To name a few varieties

List - Fish that benefit

Best Fishes from the Old Timer


Wine Refrigerators - The Wine Enthusiast -