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Vinegar Eels
Vinegar Eels (Turbatrix aceti)
Vinegar Eels under Microscope

Vinegar eels are nematodes that are easily cultured for feeding small fish that feed at the surface. Creating a culture is as simple as combining 50% water and 50% red wine vinegar in a jar. Be sure to cover the jar to keep unwanted critters out. A slice of apple is than added to the container. The apple slice produces bacteria of which the Eels feed.

Harvesting the Eels is the most difficult part of the process. A coffee filter can be used to remove some eels from the vinegar. Rinsing with water to remove excess vinegar before placing this live food in the aquarium is recommended.

After a culture is established the culture will last 6 Months or more before needing to be restarted.

Video  -  Vinegar  Eels -  A View from a Microscope