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Walter worms
Walter Worms (Panagrellus silusioides)
Walter Worms under Microscope

Walter Worms along with Micro Worms, Banana Worms and Baby Brine shrimp can be a growth food for fish fry. Walter worms are easily cultured with oatmeal or a combination of instant potato flakes and Multi grain baby cereal. Just add some aged water to moisten the culture and add some Walter worms. About every two weeks the culture begins to sour and a new culture can be started from the old.

When viewed from the top the little worms, actually Nematodes, can be seen wriggling at the surface of the mixture. Just scrape some worms from the container as they crawl up the sides, I use a Q-Tip to remove the worms. Dip the Q-Tip in the water with the fry to let the feeding begin.

Video - Walter Worms - A View From a Microscope